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Urban Cowboy

Get in touch with your Inner Child, Have an Urban Cowboy Panini. Made with a slow-cooked beef and mushrooms, marinated with a peppercorn brandy sauce and topped with carmelized onions and monterey jack cheese. A Panini that you have to eat with a fork!!!

The Urban Cowboy is a panini that will delight many of your senses!!! Its tender, marinaded beef, drenched in a peppercorn brandy sauce. Topped with homemade caramelized onions and monteray jack cheese. This panini is designed to eat with a fork but guaranteed to melt in your mouth






Urban Cowboy Panini

Introducing the Urban Cowboy Panini!!! Made with strips of beef marinated in au jus, topped with freshly-made caramelized onions and Monteray Jack cheese. Seasoned with a Peppercorn Brandy sauce. The Panini is hot and delicious!!!

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